Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We live in a Propagandacy

I have no other word for it. What Pat Caddell is saying here is that the press is keeping purposefully silent about anything that might hurt Barack Hussein Obama. Anything. We are being led not by facts, but by the facts that they want us to see.

The press wants Mitt Romney to be stupid, goofy and gaffe prone, therefore he is. PERIOD. There will be NO debate! They want Barack Obama to be the smartest man on the face of the earth, therefore he is, even when his policies are unmitigated disasters. Do I even need to mention Fast and Furious or the situation throughout the world of Islam here?

Short answer: Yes.

The fact is that the media hasn't done it's job since they found out they could change the outcome of the Viet Nam War. I even remember thinking that Ronald Reagan was a complete moron and laughing at his many gaffes. Sound familiar?

It takes awhile to clear ones head from the brainwashing that occurs at the hands of the media. Years.

But it's not just the liberal ideal that pervades the media. watch this video to see that CNNi is accepting money from countries to feed its viewers propaganda. Yes the video is long. Just watch the first five minutes if you want. What we have here is capitalism at its worst. Accepting money to publish lies.

When I was a kid, I grew up listening to Soviet propaganda on a short wave radio that my brother had built. It was fun and there were always some real howlers. (Why would America criticize martial law in Poland when the United States has had to use martial law nine times in the last 50 years alone?) 

I never thought I would have to worry about the same stuff coming out of my own television.

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  1. Today, Nov. 7 the main stream media is licking its chops. They made Obama. He was a fictional statesman who did one of the really worst jobs in the history of the USA. So...they fictionalized his competitor, Romney, in order to assure another 4 years of Obama. The only good thing about this is that the story can change. We, The People, need to rewrite the ending and we have 4 years to do it. It begins with stronger state voting laws that need to be written in the states. It begins by assuring that only Republicans vote in the GOP primaries. I am sure that we had Democratic cross-over voting in our primaries. Was Romney really the Democrat's choice to run against Obama?

    While the battle is lost and won, the war isn't. We need to target companies that advertise on Main Stream Media. Give them a money trail to worry about. Lose money by sponsoring news on MSM.

    Finally, sorry to say be we need a 'cool dude' to run. I cannot even begin to tell you how many voters told me they supported Obama because 'they liked him' or 'he looks nice'. Shallow, yes - but things we need to consider.

    For 2016 we need to place a classified advertisement for - "Cool dude, sexy, young, multi-ethnic and multi-racial, jokes about others (not self), dates sexy movie stars, no need to be accomplished.