Monday, October 29, 2012

The left's storm-troopers threaten our freedom of speech.

The vandalism happened Friday night outside of two homes with Romney campaign signs in Alta Loma, Calif. The vandals keyed three cars and also slashed the seats in one of the vehicles. But Ken Slown and his wife, who own two of the cars, are actually out-of-work Obama supporters who are staying with the wife’s pro-Romney parents. “I don’t know if they were trying to get a point across, to vote for Obama, but to do something like this is not going to get the point across,” Slown told CBS2 in Los Angeles. The third vehicle is owned by a neighbor who does support Romney.
Wow. This is the Occupy Wall Street mentality at work. You're rich. You don't deserve a nice car anyway and you are going to pay for transgressing against what I feel is the correct way of thinking.

Horrible people.

Check this out:, Albany News, Weather, Sports

Here we see and hear the complete unhinged hatred of the left. WARNING DON'T WATCH THIS AT WORK OR AROUND KIDS. GRAPHIC!!!

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