Monday, October 1, 2012

The Obamaphone lady. It doesn't matter what I write here, you'll call it racist.

Here she is.

This woman was the perfect representative of the nanny state dependency that many have fallen for. While many on the left are screaming foul that Mitt Romney would even dare mention that 47% of the voters are not going to vote for him no matter what (an accurate number by the way), that many in that group are welfare recipients who have no interest in lower taxes because they don't pay taxes anyway, this woman literally screams that we should vote for Obama because he'll give us all free stuff.

Then there's this. Excerpt:
Is this video racist? 
Let's start by saying it's racial. The Obama Phone video belongs to a genre popular on conservative blogs in which poor people, usually black, confirm conservatives' worst 47-percent fears by saying they can get something for nothing because Obama's in office. The message is, "Here's what Obama's supporters really look like."
Huh. When I first heard it, that's "heard", I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. Hilarious. Now, I find out that I'm a racist because I laughed at someone I'd never seen. I thought she was ridiculous and that she confirmed my worst fears about people who make a career out of living on welfare. Promise them free stuff. You've got their vote.

Make no mistake here. If you don't like Obama, you're racist. If you think that this woman is a great illustration of the parasitism that is plaguing our country, then YOU ARE RACIST.

Because she's black.

It doesn't matter that what she's saying is ridiculous and worthy of mocking. It doesn't matter that what she's saying is so foreign to the many self sufficient voters on the right, voters that have held two or three jobs at times to stay off of welfare, and to pay their bills. She might as well be from a different planet to these people!

Many on the left have trained themselves to perceive that they themselves are racist. These extremely self aware people go around on tiptoe while always examining themselves and their thoughts and making sure that they don't utter the slightest thing that might sound racist. And they are the first to call out your racism and tell you about that thing that you shouldn't have said or done.

Others have seen past this and go on to other things. They see all this political correctness for what it is, a tool to limit thought that is disagreeable.

Watch this if you have time. In it, Craig Bodeker puts together a simple, elegant argument that many see racism where it isn't, and that it's always white people who are said to be the racists:

We live in a country where the left have the best President they have ever had because he's black. We can't say anything bad about him or his horrible policies because someone somewhere will see racism. To criticize Michelle Obama is to be a racist. Her extravagant lifestyle, vacationing all over the world - doesn't matter you see, because it's racist that you would even deign to look at these things.

Because she's black.

Ask yourself this. Who does political correctness work on? Who worries the most about it?

Answer: People who are not racist. The only ones who shudder at the thought of being called racist.

Go up to a KKK member. Go to anyone at at a White Supremacy rally. Call them a racist. Do you think they'll be offended or shrink away?

Another question. What party is the party of Jim Crow and the KKK?

Answer: the Democrats. The Republican Party was formed to free the slaves, and fought for civil rights in the sixties. The Democrat Party became the party of buying votes with free stuff. Welfare. Food stamps. Free phones.

The Democrats found a way to keep a large percentage of the population dependent.  Many in this population are minorities, so it's fair game to the left to call it racism if one notices the dependence and calls it what it is.

One last thing. If you read this post and accuse me of racism, then you are a despicable person. Fact.

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  1. This post is influenced a lot by Bill Whittle's videos. go see him on youtube!