Friday, October 5, 2012

Debate Night

I drove home from work that night. It was 30 minutes into the debate, and the first one I heard talking was Barack. Blah blah blah ...Mitt Romney is gonna destroy the world, starting with the middle class, blah blah we need raise taxes on the millionaires that make over $250,000, blah blah debt and death panels are bumps in the road..blah oil and coal are evil blah.

Damn. more class warfare. War on the corporations and banks. War on the middle class, with all the taxes that come from Obamacare. Does this guy ever stop talking?

I'm not kidding here. President Barack Hussein Obama was rehashing the same tired talking points that he's been spewing out for the last four years. The only ones not tired of the sound of his voice are the zombies who write things on the back of their hands and think it's cool. 
Let me clarify here. Nuts. Nuts and idiots and cult members like the sound of Obama's voice. No one else.

And then Mitt had a chance to reply. 

And reply he did. He had salient points. He was clear. Concise. And he took the Obama lies and one by one squashed them.

It was like having the media put down like a rabid dog. Nothing to fear from their filtered vantage point anymore. Obama, when he tried to reply just failed miserably. He repeated the same lies, even after complete refutation by Mitt.

Throughout the night, Obama kept asking for more detail from Mitt, but was less prepared with details than the man who beat him handily in the debate.

I watched split screen on CSPAN. Obama was a sorry sight. Yes I did notice the body language, the smirks when Mitt layed him down rhetorically. Obama couldn't act respectful if you promised to redistribute all of America's wealth to the Third World.

After the debate, Obama left the stage with Michelle before the moderator Jim Lehrer could come shake his hand. Jim shook the hands of the Romneys, and then something interesting happened.

The crowd cheered.

They were cheering for Romney. Barack was nowhere to be seen.

Here's the entire video of the debate:

Some final notes. After the debate, even MSNBC wouldn't call it for Obama. That's a fail. Nothing better than seeing Chris Matthews face after that. 

Rush Limbaugh recommended that no one watch the spin afterwards. I couldn't resist. Especially the liberal media. When they acknowledge complete Obama failure, it's a wonderful thing to behold. 

The left side of the twitterverse took it in different ways. Some were just quite, some acknowledged Obama's failure. Others ranted about how Romney was a sack of lies. 

It was the first time for many that their savior was exposed for what he is. A complete incompetent. That had to be a shock. Denial is the first easiest route for those whose raison d'être for the last four years has just been left on the ground like so much hamburger.

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