Monday, October 1, 2012

Ann Coulter on "The View"

Wow. Watch this if you can stomach it. The ladies of "The View" are nut-cases. They refuse to listen to historical facts about the Republican Party because it doesn't fit their world view.  Notice Whoopie getting angry and saying "BS". I think she needs a new diaper.

In part 2, notice that Barbara Walters can't fathom that Ann would write the book because it's what she believes. Barb thinks that Ann is only out to make a buck by making incendiary comments. Something she's implied about Ann in the past. She even says that all of Ann's books show viewpoints that disagree with everybody else's. I'm sure at least half the nation would disagree. One only need look at the National reaction to Obamacare to see that. Most want it repealed.

This is a tool used by the press to minimize opposing viewpoints. She's saying that the book is crazy talk and that the only reason a thinking individual would write it is to make butt-loads of cash.

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