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Gun control

this from
"I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms," Obama said. "But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not on the streets of our cities."
Kinda sorta sounds like he wants some new gun laws.

That would be Barack Obama. You know, the same one whose press secretary Jay Carney said this three days ago:
"I would say that the president's views on this are as he has stated and as he spelled out in the op-ed that was published in an Arizona newspaper," said Carney, "which is that he believes we need to take steps that protect Second Amendment rights of the American people but that ensure that we are not allowing weapons into the hands of individuals who should not, by existing law, obtain those weapons."
Aah well...we all knew that what Mr. Carney said didn't represent the true Barack Obama.

The propaganda machine in motion - UPDATE

The liberal Brit rag "The Telegraph" is claiming that someone on Romney's team made a statement about restoring "Anglo Saxon Relations." And David Axelrod puts out the word. Of course, CBS, also liberal, jumps on it. So starts the snowball. Using the term "Anglo-Saxon" is apparently not a historical thing. It's RAAACIST!

But lets look at how the Obama team works:
On its face, the story isn’t credible. The Romney campaign doesn’t make a practice of talking to foreign press. I’ve never heard Mitt Romney, his policy adviser, his foreign policy adviser or any foreign policy briefer or staffer use the term “Anglo-Saxon heritage.” 
But that doesn’t matter. The pack journalists begin tweeting it out. The cable news people begin to chatter about it. The Romney team puts out a statement: “It’s not true. If anyone said that, they weren’t reflecting the views of Governor Romney or anyone inside the campaign.”
Some mainstream reporters confess to the Romney campaign that their editors tell them they have to write on it. (Have to? What if it’s not true?) Well, if one of them writes on it, others will follow. 
And how did the Telegraph quote magically get to so many reporters? The Obama team sent it to them. Nothing wrong with that, if the press would be honest about the origin of the story.
Jennifer Rubin of WaPo goes on to say:
It is so blatant that sometimes the reporters forget to hide their trail. Every once in a while a journalist neglects to delete the part of the e-mail string from the Democratic National Committee prompting him or her to ask certain questions before they route it over to the Romney camp. Yeah, major “oops.”
So we'll see how far this thing goes. I'd wager that this thing is a made up quote from an fictional source. The old media will be all over it and spread the meme as quickly as possible before it's debunked.

update: WaPo:
The Telegraph in particular prints many rumors, often infuriating Democrats . “They use anonymous sources to a degree that makes you wonder if they actually have them,” consultant Bob Shrum told Dave Weigel in 2009.
update from The Other McCain:
Democrats can engage in routine corruption, enact ruinous policies and leave campaign aides to die in submerged Oldsmobiles and nobody in the media ever blinks an eye, but anything done by any Republican is automatically a controversial scandal.
Go read the whole thing. As always Robert Stacy McCain is good at pointing out the hypocrisy of the old media.

more updates:

Check out what Kevin Drum has to say. He's a lib, and yet sees the possibility for fraud. Amazing.

Legal Insurrection responds to the race card. Lots of great links. It's where I found the Drum link.

The Lid: 
Romney Aide's Anglo-Saxon Quote a FRAUD

Gun Madness

this picture suitable to throw darts at while you're drinking a 32 oz. soda

NYC Mayor Michael "Moron" Bloomberg says he wants police across america to go on strike until we give up our guns.


The crazy stupid is blinding me into speechlessness.

"I would take it one step further. I don't understand why police officers across this country don't stand up, collectively, and say, 'We're going to go on strike. We're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what's required to keep us safe." (via Big Government)
And that's supposed to make us stop buying weapons how?!! The first thing I'll do when I hear that the police have gone on strike - thereby not protecting the population - is go on a gun buying binge and learn how to use one to protect myself from the criminals.

Headline from the future:
His last words, as he waited for striking ambulance workers who were supporting the striking police force, were, "Yeah, that wasn't such a great idea was it?"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A few conservative blogs I like to read

No particular order here. I'll definitely update and add more notes. I always do.

Screed of Momus:
Lots of language. WOW! And libertarian to a fault, but the best reporting on Rauhauser's past that I've seen. He should write a book on that guy.

Gateway Pundit
My favorite. Jim Hoft goes after the libs and the lib media in a big way. It's very difficult to argue with his facts.

Doug Ross @ Journal
I don't know what to say here, except that this guy except exceptional commentary and great links to other sites via Larwyn's Linx. Here's one of my favorite links, an old story that demonstrates the difference between Libs and Conservatives, all while exposing the Media bias towards the liberal agenda.

The Lid
Great conservative Jewish viewpoint. He explores all aspects of the travesty that is our President. I want to be able to write like him when I grow up. here's a great example from this morning.

They have made it their job to investigate media hypocrisy.

This is where I go when I want to find everything I've missed. Sometimes I go here first.

Weasel Zippers
More great news and commentary.

The Blaze
They fight for the conservative viewpoint. irreplaceable.

Michelle Malkin
She's my original true blog love. I always wanted more, which is why I started reading all the others!
Islamophobe? Why no. No I'm not. That name implies an "irrational" fear.

This is a new one created by Michelle Malkin. I love to see what the big twitter news is!

Patterico's Pontifications
Originally went her for Brett Kimberlin news. Good blog. SWATed.

The Other McCain
Good objective reporting. SWATted, possibly in relation to Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser.

Allergic to Bull
another SWAT. He got SWATed for helping another SWAT victim. great LONG read.

There's a bunch of others that I read, however this is start. More to come.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Gun Control and other examples of government manipulation

Of course because of the latest news, the subject immediately turns to gun control.

I was on twitter yesterday and got into a debate with a lib. What it will always come down to for me is Constitutional rights. I am not a gun owner. Guns scare the bejeezus out of me. I do think that if there were citizens with concealed guns there might have been less death in Aurora.

The subject was opened with this tweet:
You see a bunch of Islamic terrorists. I can't stress enough here how Islam and the liberal occupy movement go hand in hand. Right down to the same antisemitism.

See my timeline for the actual debate, but I'm cutting and pasting parts here without embedding tweets. It's easier that way. I'm "G" and he's "H".
H: really amazing how #NRA cowards play to the timid and one wants you guns BUT many want sane regs 
G: if I thought for an instant that a dirtbag nutcase would obey gun regs, I *might* agree. But I don't. 
G: it's very easy to mass murder people w/o guns. 
H (aside): #NRA apologists are out whining to timid/frightened base Pretty amazing how so many people are paralysed by fear to accept violence 
(He's talking about me. I'll admit here that I'm not too influenced by the NRA, only because I've never visited their website.)
H: He did obey the laws The issue isn't criminals at all but deranged idiots fired up by their failures or something else
G: and I'm sure that Mexico, with all their tight gun laws is the epitome of law abiding citizens. Oh wait.. Obama supplies them... 
H: explosives and materials are closely watched Try and buy them and see what happens

G: and cars are EASY to kill people with. How did he booby trap his apt. Without anyone knowing btw?? 
H: notice it didn't go off and notice how deadly it was not

G:notice how long the police took to disarm those bombs.
H: Not long considering notice they didn't go off and from what I am hearing primarily incendiary devices 
G: really? I'm not an expert but PLEASE. …
I'm referring to his statement that materials are tough to come by. Google is a wonderful resource, even for terrorists.  
H: and Bush the torturer supplied them also Mexico is a war zone Laws only matter when enforced
"Bush the Torturer" supplied your friend Obama with valuable intel about Bin Laden my friend. Gimme a break.
G: Bush didn't. They communicated with the Mexican govt. and stopped the operation when it was apparent that it didn't work
G:Obama started it up again in order to affirm tightening gun regs. Over 300 Mexicans were killed. AND BRIAN TERRY.
G: with agents in the field who testified to the insanity of it. Hmmm. Sounds like ulterior motives.
H:best go back to a news source other than Musdoch and his #Saudi investors' FOX
WTH?!! Every damn lib assumes that all conservatives are FOX watchers. True, I dont get my news from the MSM but FOX is a bit too lib for me. Really! 
G: I don't watch fox. 
H: a tragic government screw up for which apologies were made not the first and far from the last

H: I was once ;)
He was once an explosives expert.
G: good for you! I'm guessing someone COULD buy materials from various places and stockpile. Btw I envy you. Explosions are fun.
Yes. I watch Mythbusters. 
H: yes and you point? still a screw up and FAR from the worst or deadliest

G: you know my point. An operation that is insane,justifying new gun regs that'll help screw up Obama's base into a feeding frenzy.
This is truly the only reason that could explain how things are going with Holder and Obama right now. COVER UP.
G: I'm sure you'd love it if Mexico supplied arms to American drug dealers? I'd call it an act of war. Screwup?!! Wow.
Just a screw-up my ass. 
H: They could but usually the mentally crazed don't or can't Those are who regulations can halt/limit Sane regs can work
People who think they know everything about mental illness. Stalkers are mentally ill. They are patient and goal oriented. Jeez. 
G: hmm. I don't buy that argument for a sec. Unabomber operated for a long time. Our gentleman in Aurora shows signs of planning. 
H: the justify new regulations is utter nonsense
No it isn't. First rule when losing an argument? Call the other person a fool.
H: signs of planning yet is not enough for bombmaking The unibomber was sane/cause driven like religious extremists
He was a stalker. 
G: you mean like tea partiers? Now you're talking like Ross and Stephanopoulos. Maybe you meant Islamic extremists tho... 
G: he wasn't sane. Have you READ his manifesto? Wow. 
H: they screwed up the op plain and simple and now the do nothing House wants to make a political issue of it - so typical

G: well then, they did it despite earlier experience and got 300 people killed for no good reason, and the withheld docs... 
H: much more likely

G: ...and then lied about what he knew and when he knew it, withheld docs. Etc. etc. etc.

G: if its nothing why use exec privelage? Huh. Sounds like they're hiding a lot.
G: I believe they used the op. to justify. You tell me it's nonsense but what's your argument?
No one has yet explained the complete incompetence of the Obama administration, except that he was using it to justify tightening gun regulations.
H: Tea partiers are generally too old/feeble more along line of Christians/Muslims slaughtering each other for their god
Wow. Actually Tea Party folks are pretty average. But I'm glad his profiling excludes the Tea Party in violence. Hey! Maybe Tea Partiers could hire a terrorist! We're RICH!
G: maybe OWSers. They're young and fit, Scuse me while I go change muh diaper. Old man.
H: Is he in a mental hospital?
Back to Unabomber. No. Thank Goodness. I really feel that a lot of very dangerous people who are mentally ill are deserving of a stay in prison. Their acts are that heinous.
G:doesn't matter. Your point is that tight gun regs would keep maniacs from killing. He'd do it no matter IMO. 
G: do nothing house? How many budgets passed? How many of Obama's 'budgets' have gotten EVEN ONE VOTE. 
H: How many laws made it through Congress and were signed? THAT is legislation the rest is posturing

G: whatever. I'm sure you'd say that if the tables were reversed. #yeahright
Absolutely. As far as posturing, our Representatives are doing, for the most part, exactly what we hired them for. To keep the other side from furthering the cause of Obama's socialistic policies. Compromise is what Democrats want from us. Not what they want to give of themselves. Witness Obamacare.
H:Executive branch is a coequal part of government House was infringing on that equality See US constitution

G: I missed this. Obama has been using EPA to legislate. Coequal? Tell that to your true love.

H: I have I bitched at the last House for no jobs focus Facts are if there is no compromise there can be no free government
Wrong. See above. Democrats never compromise.
G: compromise is the mantra of Dems who aren't getting their way. Jobs focus? Whaddabout years 1 & 2? 
G: he's spent more time on the golf course than listening to his jobs council. #loserlikefocus
H: Look at all nuts that have tried to blow us up...not worked well has it? Regulations work when used - 100% no but work

G: check this video out. By his age, he must be a tea partier. …
I will never get over how much I love this video. the guy is a true hero. I want to be him when I grow up.
H: Care to bet he was a vet/retired cop I lived in CO I wager there was more than one gun in the audience - they ran
They were in many respects true heroes. they looked after each other and saved each others lives. I've no doubt that God helped them have the strength to do what they had to. 
H: They don't need to be real tight
He's talking gun regs I assume. Not his underwear. Anyway great. What happens with Dems and regs is that they get tighter and tighter and tighter. Look at today's EPA and how they are trying to shutter the coal industry. 
H: That is when I bitched Compromise is written into the constitution
Show me where The Constitution tells Republicans to bend over and take it up the ass every single time. I don't think so.
H:But created more jobs than any Republican program Compare hours with Bush the torturer Obama worked longer, smarter
Nope. Laughing. Net jobs loss in the last 3 1/2 years. The worst recovery from a recession EVER. 
G:and choked off tens of thousands of jobs w/ gulf drilling moratorium, fed land no drilling, keystone, coal over regs etc.etc.WTH

G: money wasted and thrown down the green energy toilet...Solyndra others....FAILURE choking our economy.

H: oh stop gulf response was correct as was Keystone Coal is being killed by natural gas and seeking gov aid/protection
Wrong. Even though the spill in the gulf seemed pretty bad, that oil dissipated quickly. Now the gulf rigs have headed south to do business elsewhere. Keystone had already undergone two environmental studies before Obama canceled it to appeal to his base. Coal is being killed by Obama. Very purposeful. Right from the start he said he would.
H: green has been a net job creator I wonder why conservatives think Americans can't do things any longer?
Yikes. And how many of those jobs are janitors? Okay how many green jobs has Obama created? Solyndra and other companies are failed or failing. As far as American exceptionalism, it's liberals like Obama who tell the world that Americans have gotten lazy. This guy is completely crazy.

He went on to make assumptions about the audience in Aurora, and how they probably had guns and ran anyway. I doubt it. The theater was a gun free zone and these people were not law breakers like the monster who shot at them.

Anyway, the conversation was pretty much done by this time and he excused himself. I've take out a few insignificant tweets. If you want to see unedited, look at my time line on twitter. I'm @Guitartom47. 

God won.

Friday, the horrible happened. A monster walked into a theater and shot the place up, killing at least 12 and wounding dozens of others. He was dressed in body armor and a gas mask, had two or three guns, and just kept shooting people, even as the movie kept showing on the screen. This all happened in Aurora, Colorado, which is a suburb of Denver, at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie. People were dressed in Batman costumes and got to see maybe 30 minutes of the movie. Police picked him up almost immediately in the aftermath. He was near his car in the parking lot.

In the morning on Friday, of course, the major news outlets started their horrible coverage. ABC News, immediately stuck it to the Tea Party (surprised? No). Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos immediately picked out a man in Aurora with the same name as the shooter who was a Tea-Partier. This was no mistake of course; there were eighteen other people in Aurora, Colorado that day who matched that name. Some called it rushed journalism. Others, like myself believe that every story of domestic violence is linked to the Tea Party for these people. As the day progressed, the news turned to the victims and the survivors. Stories of true courage and heroism came out, people were separated and then found each other again. Men saved their girlfriends.

And twelve, including a six year old girl, tragically died. Their lives should have been happy, and much longer. Their loved ones hearts and lives have been torn apart.

Satan walked into the theater that day. In the end, even with all the bloodshed, God won the battle.

God won in the support and bravery that those people showed and he lifted them up to heights many of them never imagined they could attain.

God showed them strength they never knew they had. In the aftermath, their community was stronger and closer than ever before.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Islam in the UK and it's effects on free speech

I agree with this:

If one does not accept that Islam should allow free speech, then one must accept that it is all right for religious leaders to condemn to death those whose speech is considered to be offensive. Within the framework of a particular religious belief system it may be argued that since the particular religion is an absolutely correct model of existence -the ultimate truth - it is justifiable to kill those who cast doubt on the validity of the religious orthodoxy. Witch burners and Spanish inquisitors no doubt felt that their deeds were completely justified. And it is precisely the fact that witches were burned and heretics tortured and murdered by members of a particular orthodoxy that makes the right to free speech more important than the right to be protected from offensive speech. That which is considered to be offensive in a particular here and now may later be considered no more offensive than the suggestion in modern day Spain that the earth rotates around the sun.
Alan Murphy, USA
I found the quote here. It comes from BBC News in 1998. Remember what life was like before 9-11?

Recently, a Twitter troll who was interested in stifling free speech sent a screen shot of a tweet of mine to a twitter account that purported to report hate speech about Islam to the authorities in United Kingdom. See here. I wasn't the only one affected as it was a re-tweet, so as many as three of us were being not so subtly accused of hate speech. My curiosity was piqued so I started looking into just what happens in the UK when people talk about Islam.

I found stories about Geert Wilders from the Netherlands, who was temporarily banned from entering the UK for speaking his opinions about radical Islam and it's affects on his society. Eventually this ban was overturned, but see if you can understand this from the British Home Office:
"The Government opposes extremism in all its forms. The decision to refuse Wilders admission was taken on the basis that his presence could have inflamed tensions between our communities and have led to inter-faith violence. We still maintain this view."
So they oppose extremism, but they're willing to appease extremists to keep the peace. The people who the British government are afraid of aren't people like Geert. It's the radical Islamists in their own communities. If Geert were, say, a Muslim who had criticisms about Christian faiths, I have no doubt he'd be left to travel around the UK freely, and rightly so.

Michael Savage, an outspoken radio commentator from the US was banned from the UK and still is. The reason? Maybe they were trying to balance out their list, what with all the Islamists.

Look at this couple in Liverpool. They were having a conversation about religion in their Hotel, and were reported to the authorities. Defend your own religion, tell someone what you may think is wrong with the tenets of their religion, and the police will be knocking at your door.

Recently, the BBC refused to show "Can We Talk About This?" a play about the Islamic threat to the freedom of speech. This is after they showed "Jerry Springer: The Opera", which is offensive to Christians. Double standards are often the way with political correctness.

Speaking of double standards, last year a man was threatened with losing his job for displaying a cross made out of palm leaves in his work van. Yet, his boss displayed a Che Guevara poster in his office and, according to the same article from MailOnline it would be alright to wear a burka to work. Just amazing.

A man in Gainsbourough, Lincolnshire was sentenced to a year in prison for posting 'anti-Islamic materials' in his window. Must have been pretty bad right? No one can find out because the government won't release the content of those posters, even after Freedom of Information requests.

Also recently, a man showed up at a meeting where a talk was to be given on "One Law For All", a campaign to stop the double standards and implementation of Sharia Law in the UK. He pointed a camera at the group and threatened to murder anyone who said anything about negative about "The Prophet". Ann Marie Waters, who was to give the speech says this:
Question: can you remember the last time you heard the Government – or any political party – give a robust and dogged defence of free speech? No, neither can I. But there have been plenty of opportunities.
I'm floored.

I truly believe that one could tweet the wrong thing about Islam and be put into prison in the UK.

One bright note. A Muslim UK man has been jailed for twelve years for threatening the creators of South Park on the internet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remember that day? (updated)


Bin Laden is killed, but only after Obama hesitates for months. It is seen that he can’t make a decision without Valerie Jarrett. In the end, Leon Panetta, his CIA Director and then Defense Secretary, works behind the scenes to make a mission happen. It was handled so that Admiral McRaven could blamed if anything went wrong. Obama was brought in from the golf course to watch the mission unfold. Then, in a speech to the nation, he takes much credit for the victory. His speech is filled with personal pronouns. Later, Vice President Biden outs the top secret seal-team 6 and information about a Pakistani Doctor who helped identify Bin Laden was leaked. Said Doctor is imprisoned.

(this is a small excerpt of a larger timeline that I'm putting together, showing what Obama and Romney are doing throughout the years)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I got home last night to find this in my mentions on twitter. Promptly blocked and reported for SPAM, and asked others to as well.

 It was based on this:

More to come. The upshot that I've learned so far is that there is little room for free speech in Great Britain. I may be wrong, but if you tweet the truth about Islam, you may be arrested for hate speech.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Obama is responsible for the condition our country is in today.

But he denies it. He denies the damage he's done to our United States. The erosion to every one of our freedoms, the damage to our once great economy, not to mention our standing in the eyes of the world. He has no compunction to lying and his arrogance is unmatched. 


President Obama, the Job Killer

He is.


Obama in 2008 promised to bankrupt the coal industry with over-regulation and today, he's achieving it. Coal fired energy plants are having to decrease their CO2 emissions by at least 60% at a huge cost that will be passed on to their customers. because of EPA overreach, jobs will be lost, plants will be closed, and new plants will never open. The excuse for all of this? The global warming scam.

Oil isn't doing well either. Because of his drilling moratorium in the gulf, and the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline project,and EPA regulations that have stopped new drilling on all but private land, tens of thousands of jobs have been lost.

Obamacare is a job killer, causing the average raise in the cost of health insurance premiums of 9%. Tax on health plans and medical devices has been raised. 75% of the individual mandate will fall on the shoulders of the middle-class.

This and the fact that Obama promises to raise taxes on anyone making over $250,000. Businesses - big and small - aren't expanding. No new hires, no new production.

There's a higher education bubble that's promising to burst at any time. Kids just out of school can't afford to pay off their student loans, because of less hiring, because of the economy.

And Dear Oblivious Arrogant Narcissistic Spendthrift President Obama doesn't seem to have the least understanding of simple economics. Or maybe he does. Did I mention his Marxist roots?

All of this with 15-16% under and unemployed. We can't afford this.

How many will die because of the complete destruction of their income? How many have already? I do not believe this is hyperbole.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Anthony Weiner is thinking, imagining, FANTASIZING about that special constituency, his "pride" getting bigger and BIGGER...thrusting again and AGAIN until FINALLY he wins the mayoral bid for New York City.

You may now smoke that ciggybut. I'm spent.

Luck is the Only Providence

The only church acceptable to the left is the Marxist church of Reverend Wright. The only business is the failed Solyndra. The only patriotic assembly involves drug addled hippies in rape infested, chem trail neurotic drum circles.  The only party of racial equality is the party that created Jim Crow and the KKK. 

The left would choose the Muslim faith over the GOP to ally itself with in the fight for "tolerance".  The Islamic countries where murder of Christians is common and womens rights are non existent are much preferable to the only democracy in the mideast. 

They would choose the "rights" of teachers to control the quality of our children's education over the rights of parents to choose.  They don't care about the children. They would rather see them aborted using public funds than have to be punished with having one. 

To them, the unborn have no rights, you see.

The left uses the charge of  racism in every criticism of our President's failed policies. 

Medical treatment and higher education are rights, to be fed to us through the clogged up straw of bureaucracy.  Housing should be bought for those who can't afford  it; and institutions should be punished for not supplying the funding for such endeavors even though they are businesses who see bad credit risks. If we can't pay for our house and our education and have liens put on our property, then its the bank who should be demonized. Banks exist only to be forced to give money to bad credit risks and then be demonized when they try to collect. Thank you for giving me this money. What? You want it back with interest so you can loan it to someone else? You're evil.

Business, according to the left, exists only because of the trials of the general public. Entrepreneurship is an illusion. Your business is only there on the backs of the "99%", not because you're filling some kind of need.

According to the left, anyone can and should succeed in America. Then when they do, they should pay a huge percentage of what they earn, even though they're already paying the larger percentage of the national revenue. 

Truly though, success is something to be feared and detested. The left sees unfairness in the success of the "millionaires and billionaires", the "fatcats" and they want the rich to pay more to a government who would then waste the money on green energy failures. They want business to be punished for outsourcing work to countries whose tax structure is gentler. The left seems confused and angry then by the fact that there are less business startups and less hiring.

To those on the left,  personal responsibility is a foreign concept. The center of the universe is self. Life should be without risk, and those who are lucky enough (for luck is the only force in the universe) to earn more should give their wealth to those less lucky (skill, determination and experience have nothing to do with amassing that wealth).  

Because luck is the only providence, the hiring class must be forced to give more to the government, hire more people, pay them more, all in uncertain economic times. The left claims that their freedom is being stolen and then wants the larger government to steal even more.

To the left, we must all live in the same misery, rather than allowing even one of us to succeed and pull up others with him.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thanks for the re-tweets everybody!

I put down my drool bucket long enough to come up with a tweet that many seemed to like.

Now back to the insane asylum. ;-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

WEINERGATE + Brett Kimberlin + Neal Rauhauser + SWATings (UPDATED)

This is a list of links I've been compiling, mainly because I've been confused about the timeline of ALL the Rauhauser/ Kimberlin events. It's incomplete. I'll be adding more links and commentary to this post. Most of the links are conservative, but there are some MSM links as well.

we see Brett Kimberlin’s tactics for the first time.

Brett Kimberlin gets out of prison.

2/26/2010 “twitter” aka Neal Rauhauser brags about Neal Rauhauser.

3/23/2010 written by Neal Rauhauser under pseudonym “Twitter”. This is also the date that “Twitter” goes dark.

8/29/2010 Neal Rauhauser writes about his tactics, intimates a working relationship with law enforcement.


10/11/2010 Patterico sees that Brad Friedman is Pals with Brett Kimberlin, speedway bomber, who has even stalked Karl Rove. Brett Kimberlin is full of shit and he’s threatening to sue someone who won’t back down. And BTW WTH is soy chai?

Looking at Brett Kimberlin’s criminal past, and his tactics.

Tax Returns for Velvet Revolution and Justice Through Music. Brett Kimberlin has been operating since at least 2003.











6/3/2011 The letter from fake mom of fake Nikki Reid is on page 5. Does this feel like a Rauhauser op? Why yes. Yes it does. Also, Tommy Christopher, the author is defending Breitbart who he feels is wrongly accused of smearing Weiner.






6/17/2011 New York times mentions  Nikki Reid and Marianela Alicea (Betty and Veronica)as fake twitter accounts. “Nikki’s” mom interests me…what kind of conservative who’s trying to set up Weiner would defend him “forcefully”?

Mike Stack gets Swatted (more current story)






7/4/2011 Neal Rauhauser, under the pseudonym “Stranded Wind”, tries to frame Patterico, Prepostericity, Dan Wolfe for setting up Weinergate, after Weiner has already admitted illicit inappropriate online contact  with multiple women. More crap from Rauhauser, in which he mentions Mike Stack of “Crying Wolfe”

















5/25/2012 (everybody Blog About Kimberlin Day)






6/11/2012 Mandy Nagy gets viciously trolled by Sheridan.







6/25/2012 Aaron Walker gets SWATed, describes his experience.

6/26/2012 Neal Rauhauser and progressive activist Darcy Burner.


7/2/2012 Ron Brynaert’s rebuttal to Patterico assertions. Crap as far as I’m concerned. Time will tell.

7/2/2012 Jay Batman writes about some of the bickering between different camps involved with blogging about Kimberlin and Rauhauser


7/4/2012  Robert Stacy McCain offers advice and gets bitten.


7/15/2012 Anthony Weiner is rumored to be looking at NYC Mayoral bid. Ick.