Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Obama camp is reduced to ridicule. It's all they've got.

In case you missed this during the debate:

The litmus test is this. Is a program so critical it's worth borrowing money from China to pay for it. ObamaCare isn't. Neither is PBS.

But the Obama campaign is reduced to this. They cannot defend anything the Obama administration has don in the last four years. Nothing. So they try to ridicule Mitt Romney with this ad.

Now. Everyone knows that PBS is a bastion of liberal thought. That always confused me until I realized that they are on the public dole just like the people on welfare and food stamps today. Of course they are going to toe the dependency line! Using our tax dollars for public television is somewhat akin to using our tax dollars for MSNBC.

My final thought? Let FOX News hire Big Bird. I agree with this fine conservative bird!


Even Matt Lauer thinks the whole Big Bird ad is stupid and petty.

Also, Big Bird and Barack in a recent photo op. I'm truly not sure Big Bird even likes Barack.

This picture was taken by a good friend on Twitter, @Hilohaw. I'm sure it's real and not some photoshop.

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