Monday, October 15, 2012

Am I debating with the President's campaign?!!

Rudy Giuliani is aghast at the antics of the Obama team in the cover-up of the incompetence leading up to the  coordinated Benghazi terror attack. 

Soledad O'Brien jumps in to defend Obama and Giuliani handles himself beautifully, even with the entirety of the CNN thugs ganging up on him at the end. 

As Giuliani points out, the reality of what happened in Benghazi is just the tiniest bitinconvenient for Team Obama’s “I have killed bin Laden, quelled the tide of terrorism, and effectively ended the wars in the Mideast” foreign-policy narrative.
Indeed. As it is now, do you feel safer in an Obama world than you did four years ago? Al Qaeda is as strong now as it's ever been.

 map of protests during the 9-11-2012 weekend

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