Monday, October 22, 2012

The Unbiased Moderator of Tonight's Debate

Tonight is the final debate.

The last one, moderated by Candy Crowley, who was busy during the debate writing her "married" name on a legal pad that she used for note taking (Candi [heart dot]Obama, Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama, Mrs. Candy Crowley-Obama) was absolutely unbiased!

Candy, who interrupted Mitt Romney aproximately 2,907 times and offered to give the president a back rub during the debate, was the height of objectivity. I especially love how Barack Obama startled her from her revering gaze long enough to command her to 'check the transcript' on his Rose Garden Speech. Of course, like the dutiful wife moderator, she had one. And - like the loyal assistant willing to throw themselves under a bus for their beloved leader, she lied for the president. Lied. She told the nation that he had referred to the Benghazi attack as an act of terror. He didn't.

Before that debate, of course, there was the first debate. Jim Lehrer led Barack Obama as if Barack was the female in a champion dance duo. Barack would pause and say, "Uhhhh. Uh. Uhh." and then look to Jim and ask "line?" Where Mr. Lehrer would look up from his doodles (hard to tell what he was drawing. Crayons don't give a lot of definition on video) and say things like, "You were about to tell Mitt that he's full of it weren't you?" or "He's completely wrong about your energy policy, correct your Eminence?" or "Another back rub so soon, Mr. President?"

Barack lost the first debate. Handily. Even MSNBC talking heads said he failed miserably. In the Candy in the Jar debate, he didn't do much better.The mainstream media gave him a slight edge, even though most of the polls afterward had Mitt Romney being superior in his knowledge of how the economy works. Truly, what I saw was that Mitt wiped the floor with him.

Tonight, Bob Schieffer will host a foreign policy debate. Follow that link. You'll see that he'll be equally as unbiased as Crowley and Lehrer.

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