Thursday, November 8, 2012

The deck was stacked from the beginning.

The guy's name is Clint Curtis. He's shown here alleging that he worked on a program - while he was working at Yang Enterprises - to help Republican Tom Feeney cheat in an election in Florida using touch screen voting machines.

The story seems questionable because Florida was using the punch card ballots at the time he says he did this.

His testimony is before the Ohio State legislature.

thank you to Molly for sending this my way!

He's a Democrat (which automatically makes me think he's lying) but he's also a programmer who sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He (as stated in his testimony) helped find someone he worked with who shipped anti-tank missile technology to China.

Do I believe that voting can be rigged using touch screen machines? Absolutely.

Do I think that the Barack Obama campaign benefited from such practices? I don't know.  But it wouldn't surprise me.

I definitely blame, in large part, the obsolete media for telling us the economy is all wine and roses when we're really in a deep pile of sh*t brought on by throwing all of our money away, printing more and then throwing that away. Funny how they tried to tell us how absolutely horrible things were when George Bush was president.

Take a look at this screen-cap of a graphic from Washington Post:

Look at how people view the economy right now. Excellent or good. Wow. The labor participation is as low as it's been since the Carter years, but the Obama propagandists tell us everything is hunky dory.

In the real world, we'd put a success maker like Mitt Romney into the presidency right away over someone who's only picked losers, who's also beaten our economy into a stupor with overregulation and tax burden.

We sure as hell wouldn't choose a leader who gets his people in the field killed through paralysis and incompetence, and then puts his cowardice on full display by trying desperately to cover it up and pass the buck.

But this is not the real world anymore. 

It's the world of libtards.

And the libtard media.

More to come.

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