Tuesday, October 9, 2012

AP You Stink!

Via The Blaze:
Sometimes the story of the moment during campaign season has nothing to do with what a candidate says, or even what is said about a candidate. Instead, it has to do with how the media captures a moment. And that includes pictures on the trail. Enter the Associated Press (AP).
The AP on Monday published a photo showing Romney at Fairfield Elementary School in Fairfield, VA, during a campaign stop. And while plenty of photos were taken, there‘s one that’s grabbing attention. It portrays Romney bending over in front of a young girl who has a shocked look on her face. And there’s very little context given.

Here's more context from ABC News (after the commercial):

Wow! Mitt is a great guy who decided to visit with the kids who were waving at his motorcade. These kids will now have pictures and stories of the time they met the future President.

The MSM (AP in this case) has decided that Mitt is to be portrayed as a buffoon or a nut. Much like other conservatives.

Remember the Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover?

Remember the Romney gaffes that weren't gaffes?

Go read the full article at The Blaze!

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