Friday, September 7, 2012

This is the Obama Recovery.

Look at this chart, via Business Insider:
It shows that the US Labor Force Participation rate is as low as it was back in 1981. And, not being an expert, It looks like the momentum is on the downward side. Scary.

We need to back Mitt Romney in a big way!


  1. Romney will be even worse. His company, Bain Capital, plans massive firings in all their holdings after the election. They don't want to do it now for fear of embarrassing Mitt, who still gets a big paycheck from Bain. A talking head recently said, "We need Romney because he'll run the country like he ran Bain Capital. You better hope that's not true, else we'll be looking at 95% unemployment.

    1. Of course! Bain Capital ...the never ending source of evil for the left. Ima call BS on this one. No links, just a bunch of made up statements about how evil Mitt Romney is.Bain Capital is a successful business. Something that BHO has never done. BHO is interested, it would seem in turning our society into a huge economic graveyard.