Friday, September 14, 2012

Sanity. Mitt talks about Egypt.

We can't get rid of Obama soon enough. Here he is, saying nothing for one minute:

Honestly, I'd rather watch an empty chair. Personally, I think that Barack Obama has perfected the art of talking to hear himself talk, and he shows that he has little knowledge of what the official positions of the U.S. government are.

What the pundits come away with, is that it is important to note that Obama is saying that Egypt is not an ally.This is certainly a difference in our policy, after the much ballyhooed, Obama supported "Arab Spring" uprising. Very scary! After all, Egypt is historically one of our main allies in the region. Does this mean that Barack Obama's Arab Spring diplomacy is a complete and utter failure? Yes.

Now watch Mitt Romney explain about Egypt:

Clear and thoughtful. He lays out the requirements for Egypt to be a close ally of ours. Israel is included in his thoughts on the subject.

Obama shows time and again that he's out of his league. As with Carter and Iran, we will be dealing with Obama and the Arab Spring for decades.

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