Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't trust the polls!

map of protests over the weekend

Over the weekend, I tweeted this:

This tweet exploded, with 70 retweets and 21 favorites.  At some point after midnight, my time, Roseanne (yes, that Roseanne) retweeted it, and I got many more.

By this point, I'm sort of used to weird things happening on Twitter so this all didn't phase me much.

But here's what interested me:

There were a few criticisms from people, yes. People told me I had no sense of reality (hyperbole much?), and that I was an A--hole, but there was a large proportion of independents who retweeted me in this small sample.

I am of the belief that almost nobody but Democrats likes President Obama much.

The independents are where Mitt Romney has to mine for votes, and I'm sure his team already knows this.

The polls, if you didn't know, mean nothing. Most are skewed (in an effort to demoralize prospective Romney voters?)
Go see Doug Ross. You'll see that Rasmussen Polls are the most accurate, and very hopeful.

Many thanks to Doug Ross and his readers for visiting my little blog!

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