Thursday, September 20, 2012

More taxes and less jobs -- FOR ALL!

For all?

These people look like cult members.
It doesn't matter that we'll all be payed equally, because we're all in the poor house! NO JOBS FOR ALL!

Yes! Romney/Ryan agrees with that! affordable healthcare using free market solutions! Instead, ObamaCare has levied the largest tax in history! MORE TAXES FOR ALL!

Doofus! Cult member! We have clean energy! Global Warming is. A. Scam!!! What you want is to raise the price of energy so NO ONE can afford it! POVERTY FOR ALL!

So why would you even consider voting for Barack "You stole my money you evil rich person" Hussein Obama?!! He's done nothing but attack success since day one! Mitt is successful! Let him show you how! MORE CLASS WARFARE FOR ALL!

At least these last two are candid.

Cover the moobs!

More Red Rum for all. I actually kind of like that sentiment. Spiced rum is one of my favorites! Wait, what?

They tried to get Barack Obama to pose for one of these but they just couldn't get him to put his hand on his heart!

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