Friday, September 14, 2012

Paul Ryan promises true leadership for America in the Middle East

Here's Paul Ryan, pointing to the diplomatic failures of the Obama administration:

He speaks of Obama's failed policies in the Middle East, and our best ally in the region, Israel. He says that Israel has been treated with "indifference bordering on contempt by the Obama administration."

It would seem that the administration is all about covering up the what really happened. Jay Carney, today couldn't stop talking about the "reprehensible and disgusting" video that someone made, and that the chaos with embassies in the Middle East right now is only about that. Do they really expect us to believe that people showing up with rocket propelled grenades and guns are doing it spontaneously? no pre-planning is what Carney said.

9/11 is what happened. That protests happened in two locations shows signs of coordination. In my opinion, the video was used to instigate the protests and then the terrorists piggy-backed, so they could break in to the embassy and kill our people.

Obama has made this more about the video than anything else. If it weren't just the video, then that would mean his policies in the Mideast are abysmal, and that his Arab Spring might lead to decades of turmoil and repression a la Iran and Carter.

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