Friday, September 21, 2012

"Savages" is racist.

Good videos all, but if you only have five minutes, watch the last one!

Pamela Geller rocks!

The first thing "people" like Erin Burnett do is ask something like, "What if your free speech gets someone killed?" Good grief I've seen people like this that are just that stupid, but I still have trouble fathoming it. The answer is NOT to appease the savages!

Is she one of those that blamed America first for 9-11? Is she blaming "the video" for the four 9-11-2012 deaths in Libya, including Ambassador Chris Stevens?
(I discovered this video on The Other McCain)

The second thing they do is equate words with racism. "Savages" is racist. So I was a racist for calling these people savages.

Watch this if you have time (by way of Trevor Louden):

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