Friday, September 28, 2012

Pat Caddell - American Hero

I grabbed this from Nice Deb who grabbed it from Accuracy in Media:


Pat Caddell is a hero who is fighting the common enemy of all Americans, the American Mainstream Media.

He refers to this poll in that Gallup released:

Democrats and Liberals suffer the transgressions of the state owned media complex in a much more pliable, soft brained way:

Watch this. He's rightfully angry and afraid for his country. 

We are losing our freedoms at the hands members of the media who have been trained in great leftist institutions like Columbia University. We are losing our country also, because of establishment Republicans who refuse to do anything about the lies coming out of the White House.

We are fighting a war, and the representatives who are supposed to be fighting for us have put up the white flag and laid down their arms.

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