Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Barack Obama: Job Killer (UPDATED)

Even CNN tells us that Barack is a fail in this category!
According to a study released last week by the liberal-leaningNational Employment Law Project, low-wage fields such as retail sales and food service are adding jobs nearly three times as fast as higher-paid occupations. 
The figure of 4.5 million jobs is accurate if you look at the most favorable period and category for the administration. But overall, there are still fewer people working now than when Obama took office at the height of the recession.
What the article tells us is that there are less jobs now than when Obama took over. What it doesn't tell us is how many more jobs there would be if it weren't for EPA overreach and the ObamaCare tax.

Also, there is the constant threat of raising taxes on the hiring class. How much money is locked up until a more business friendly environment comes along?

Obama's Policies have put a stranglehold on this economy. We need to let him go.

Update from Washington Examiner:

On the stump, President Obama likes to claim , “Over the last three and a half years, we’ve created 4.5 million new jobs.” This is actually false. According to the latest Department of Labor data, even measuring from the depths of the recession, only 4 million jobs have been created under Obama. 
What Obama probably means is that the economy has created 4.5 million private sector jobs since the recession bottomed out. Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter made that more careful claim here.
This is just more of the "You didn't create that" rhetoric coming from Obama et al. We didn't create those jobs by taking a leap of fath and hiring someone. BARACK OBAMA DID!!!

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