Monday, September 10, 2012

A Reverend Wright Moment with Jerusalem

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suddenly revealed that “Jerusalem is and should be the capital of Israel,” despite past press briefings in which he refused to answer the question. 
“Jerusalem is and should be the capital of Israel,” Carney said during the press gaggle today according to the pool report. “It is also the case as a matter of policy of the United States … the status of Jerusalem has to be decided by the parties as part of a comprehensive peace agreement. That is the position that George W Bush held and that Bill Clinton held.” 
Carney’s statement on Air Force One is an improvement over his performance in a recent press briefing, in which he found himself incapable of using a proper noun when asked to identify the capital of Israel. 
“Our position has not changed,” Carney kept repeating in July, despite repeated and loud appeals from reporters to give a straight answer.
Weird what a couple months can do.  
-- from The Washington Examiner by way of Weasel Zippers
Flip! Flop!

Here's the DNC "third times a charm incident":

This from the original The Lid article, where he scoops the mainstream media and forces them to cover this great story:
Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. During a press briefing at the end of July, Jay Carney refused to outline the President’s position on Jerusalem. Eventually the administration released a statement that Obama's position remains unchanged, Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel because its final status has not yet been negotiated. That statement was a lie, but it is now codified with the omission from this year's platform. Notice that it that the Campaign isn't even saying the borders of Jerusalem are subject to negotiation which would mean that the western part of the city would remain with the Jewish state, the Obama administration has removed all reference to Jerusalem from its platform, indicating a belief that the entire city is up for grabs.


Here is the original presser where Jay Carney can't even say what the Capital of Israel is:

What we have her is a Reverend Wright moment. The President has been dragged screaming and kicking into acknowledging something for political expediency, that in his heart of hearts he doesn't believe.

Sheer desperation. My fear is that the pandering may work.

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