Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remember that day? (updated)


Bin Laden is killed, but only after Obama hesitates for months. It is seen that he can’t make a decision without Valerie Jarrett. In the end, Leon Panetta, his CIA Director and then Defense Secretary, works behind the scenes to make a mission happen. It was handled so that Admiral McRaven could blamed if anything went wrong. Obama was brought in from the golf course to watch the mission unfold. Then, in a speech to the nation, he takes much credit for the victory. His speech is filled with personal pronouns. Later, Vice President Biden outs the top secret seal-team 6 and information about a Pakistani Doctor who helped identify Bin Laden was leaked. Said Doctor is imprisoned.

(this is a small excerpt of a larger timeline that I'm putting together, showing what Obama and Romney are doing throughout the years)

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