Monday, July 16, 2012

President Obama, the Job Killer

He is.


Obama in 2008 promised to bankrupt the coal industry with over-regulation and today, he's achieving it. Coal fired energy plants are having to decrease their CO2 emissions by at least 60% at a huge cost that will be passed on to their customers. because of EPA overreach, jobs will be lost, plants will be closed, and new plants will never open. The excuse for all of this? The global warming scam.

Oil isn't doing well either. Because of his drilling moratorium in the gulf, and the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline project,and EPA regulations that have stopped new drilling on all but private land, tens of thousands of jobs have been lost.

Obamacare is a job killer, causing the average raise in the cost of health insurance premiums of 9%. Tax on health plans and medical devices has been raised. 75% of the individual mandate will fall on the shoulders of the middle-class.

This and the fact that Obama promises to raise taxes on anyone making over $250,000. Businesses - big and small - aren't expanding. No new hires, no new production.

There's a higher education bubble that's promising to burst at any time. Kids just out of school can't afford to pay off their student loans, because of less hiring, because of the economy.

And Dear Oblivious Arrogant Narcissistic Spendthrift President Obama doesn't seem to have the least understanding of simple economics. Or maybe he does. Did I mention his Marxist roots?

All of this with 15-16% under and unemployed. We can't afford this.

How many will die because of the complete destruction of their income? How many have already? I do not believe this is hyperbole.

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