Sunday, July 15, 2012

Luck is the Only Providence

The only church acceptable to the left is the Marxist church of Reverend Wright. The only business is the failed Solyndra. The only patriotic assembly involves drug addled hippies in rape infested, chem trail neurotic drum circles.  The only party of racial equality is the party that created Jim Crow and the KKK. 

The left would choose the Muslim faith over the GOP to ally itself with in the fight for "tolerance".  The Islamic countries where murder of Christians is common and womens rights are non existent are much preferable to the only democracy in the mideast. 

They would choose the "rights" of teachers to control the quality of our children's education over the rights of parents to choose.  They don't care about the children. They would rather see them aborted using public funds than have to be punished with having one. 

To them, the unborn have no rights, you see.

The left uses the charge of  racism in every criticism of our President's failed policies. 

Medical treatment and higher education are rights, to be fed to us through the clogged up straw of bureaucracy.  Housing should be bought for those who can't afford  it; and institutions should be punished for not supplying the funding for such endeavors even though they are businesses who see bad credit risks. If we can't pay for our house and our education and have liens put on our property, then its the bank who should be demonized. Banks exist only to be forced to give money to bad credit risks and then be demonized when they try to collect. Thank you for giving me this money. What? You want it back with interest so you can loan it to someone else? You're evil.

Business, according to the left, exists only because of the trials of the general public. Entrepreneurship is an illusion. Your business is only there on the backs of the "99%", not because you're filling some kind of need.

According to the left, anyone can and should succeed in America. Then when they do, they should pay a huge percentage of what they earn, even though they're already paying the larger percentage of the national revenue. 

Truly though, success is something to be feared and detested. The left sees unfairness in the success of the "millionaires and billionaires", the "fatcats" and they want the rich to pay more to a government who would then waste the money on green energy failures. They want business to be punished for outsourcing work to countries whose tax structure is gentler. The left seems confused and angry then by the fact that there are less business startups and less hiring.

To those on the left,  personal responsibility is a foreign concept. The center of the universe is self. Life should be without risk, and those who are lucky enough (for luck is the only force in the universe) to earn more should give their wealth to those less lucky (skill, determination and experience have nothing to do with amassing that wealth).  

Because luck is the only providence, the hiring class must be forced to give more to the government, hire more people, pay them more, all in uncertain economic times. The left claims that their freedom is being stolen and then wants the larger government to steal even more.

To the left, we must all live in the same misery, rather than allowing even one of us to succeed and pull up others with him.

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