Monday, July 23, 2012

God won.

Friday, the horrible happened. A monster walked into a theater and shot the place up, killing at least 12 and wounding dozens of others. He was dressed in body armor and a gas mask, had two or three guns, and just kept shooting people, even as the movie kept showing on the screen. This all happened in Aurora, Colorado, which is a suburb of Denver, at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie. People were dressed in Batman costumes and got to see maybe 30 minutes of the movie. Police picked him up almost immediately in the aftermath. He was near his car in the parking lot.

In the morning on Friday, of course, the major news outlets started their horrible coverage. ABC News, immediately stuck it to the Tea Party (surprised? No). Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos immediately picked out a man in Aurora with the same name as the shooter who was a Tea-Partier. This was no mistake of course; there were eighteen other people in Aurora, Colorado that day who matched that name. Some called it rushed journalism. Others, like myself believe that every story of domestic violence is linked to the Tea Party for these people. As the day progressed, the news turned to the victims and the survivors. Stories of true courage and heroism came out, people were separated and then found each other again. Men saved their girlfriends.

And twelve, including a six year old girl, tragically died. Their lives should have been happy, and much longer. Their loved ones hearts and lives have been torn apart.

Satan walked into the theater that day. In the end, even with all the bloodshed, God won the battle.

God won in the support and bravery that those people showed and he lifted them up to heights many of them never imagined they could attain.

God showed them strength they never knew they had. In the aftermath, their community was stronger and closer than ever before.

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