Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Obama nightmare is collapsing?

This from the Denver Post:
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has been busy pushing for President Obama’s re-election — appearing on stage Tuesday before former President Bill Clinton’s speech and even heading to Milwaukee on Sunday to push for the Badger State’s vote. 
Hancock even broke news on that Wisconsin trip, telling voters if the election were to be held right now the president would lose Wisconsin and its coveted 10 electoral votes.
That a Democrat is saying this is telling. I still believe that there may be a landslide Tuesday night.

To clarify, I think that a lot of obsolete media types -- having invested so much effort in Barack Insane Obama -- will be puking on their shoes before midnight Tuesday.

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  1. If I was as flush with cash as I am with optimism of a Romney win, I'd be buying intrade shares. They're sitting at 33.5 right now, after dropping from 44.5 for some weasel reason. Thats 3:1 odds when Romney wins. Hmmm...maybe I'll go check under the couch cushions one more time.