Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mitt plays nicely with others.

According to AP:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Just about everybody agrees Washington is a gridlocked mess. But who's the man to fix it? After two years of brawling and brinkmanship between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans, more voters trust Mitt Romney to break the stalemate. 
Romney's message — a vote for Obama is a vote for more gridlock — seems to be getting through. An Associated Press-GfK poll shows that almost half of likely voters — some 47 percent — think the Republican challenger would be better at ending the logjam Thirty-seven percent say Obama would.
This seems likely, though I think that since it's liberal AP reporting this, it's probably worse for Obama than they say. Anyone who watched the live bi-partisan ObamaCare meetings would tell you how horribly Barack plays with others.

In the more recent Presidential debates, Mitt well illustrated that he can work with people from both sides of the aisle.

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