Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr. Leg Tingles is foaming at the mouth.

Chris Matthews plays the "Leave my boyfriend alone or I'm gonna cry" card. What a lapdog.

Again, Democrats have a horrible sense of humor. Watch Tom Brokaw belittle the Muslim, socialist aspects of the conservative chorus against Obama.

Sure Tom, he's not a socialist. What was he in college? We don't know because we can't look at the records! He was raised by Marxists! Where do his sympathies lie?

Of course he's not a Muslim! But where do his sympathies lie? Is he with Israel? or would he rather side with the part of the middle-east world that isn't bound by the constraints of Democracy?

UPDATE - a comment from one of my friends on Twitter:
That wasn't foam, Mr. leg got so excited, he accidentally Lewinskied himself. JMHO
a protected account so I couldn't embed. Either that or I just couldn't figure it out. Anyway it was darn funny. Libs, get a sense of humor.

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