Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hank Williams, Jr? Oh yeah.

Well first it was this, last October:
On ABC’s “The View” today, the singer addressed the controversy that arose after his “Fox & Friends” appearance last week in which he made an analogy that President Obama and House Speaker Rep. John Boehner golfing together was like Nazi leader Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu playing a round. The uproar resulted in ESPN ending its association with Williams and his hit “Are You Ready for Some Football,” which has been the theme song for “Monday Night Football” for years.
“I guess it’s called stepping on the toes of freedom of speech,” Williams said on “The View.” He described how he found out that people were upset with his comments: ”When I came in my house and my daughter said ‘Daddy, are you in trouble?’ and I said ‘What are you talking about’ … and I said, ‘Well if I am, then we all are.’” -via ABC News
He was brazen enough to make a comparison of Barack Obama with Hitler, and didn't really care about losing a lot of money because people thought Obama should have more respect.

Okay, Barack Obama isn't Hitler. But I still like the comparison, as do the many people who bought Hank Williams  song, "Keep the Change", which was written as his response to the whole mess.

Barack Obama is the worst.President.ever. And his ego reaches the heights of a Hitler or a Mussolini.

But now old Hank is making more noise, and at my favorite place in the world, The Iowa State Fair:
At the Iowa State Fair, Williams bashed Obama to a crowd saying, "We've got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!" - via Yahoo News
The wimp factor weighs in:

Heh. There's certainly more to come, I hope, from a great American, Hank Williams, Jr.

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