Friday, August 24, 2012

Americans should have tighter gun laws.

Norway has some of the toughest gun laws in the world.

This didn't stop Anders Breivik from slaughtering 77 people. The man is a monster and in my opinion, prison is too good for him.

via AP

Compare that with recent occurrences in the United States, where it has always been the ultimate goal of liberals to tighten gun control laws until guns are banned altogether. Yes people get killed by the insane. Do tighter gun laws make it less likely that that would happen?

Maybe. Lets look at another country where gun control laws are tough. Mexico.
“The United States should stop producing so many weapons, which cause us so much harm. That country also suffers from so much violence, as billions of dollars go into manufacturing guns.”
That is the message that anti-crime activist Fernando Ocegueda will take to the public in the United States, during a one-month visit to that country by the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity , made up of 70 family members of victims of violence in Mexico.
Yup. Violence and lawlessness in Mexico are the fault of the United States. Of course, one would think that we would hear about mass graves of headless corpses and people being hung from bridges on this side of the border too, what with all the guns Americans have.

Or could it be that basically, The United States is a decent place, and that yes, occasionally bad people do bad things. Just because someone might not have access to a gun doesn't mean that he won't kill someone by driving his car through a crowd of people. Should we ban cars?

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