Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Happened?

Yesterday evening, Aaron Walker was SWATed. This was on the same day that he won in a case against Brett Kimberlin. read about it here.

Here is more about convicted perjurer and bomber Brett Kimberlin. As you can see, he's not normal.

But he does have his fans.


Make no mistake. These people are scary dangerous. They tell the most contemptible lies and then excuse themselves, try to make themselves look like something to be sympathetic towards.

And apparently they don't like being beaten.

Lots of great stuff on Neal Rauhauser (a close associate of Brett Kimberlin) is located at Screed of Momus.

Finally, this has not much to do with things, but this guy is interesting. I'd put him on the good guys list. DEFINITELY.

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