Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last night, the news was that @ali had come under fire from the patho-sphere. (psychopaths, sociopaths, what have you). He and his family have my prayers. This has been an ongoing thing for about four years, with Blogger Seth Allen bringing the players in the "Karl Rove is stealing the 2008 election hoax" to light. Background here. Seth is totally a Lefty Mclefterson.

Yes, I just wrote "Lefty Mclefterson".

The point is that he's been overlooked by the right, probably because of that. From what I gather, Aaron Worthing was brought into this mess for trying to help Seth. That whole story here. I highly recommend Aaron and Seth's blogs, just to learn the story of the speedway bomber. Recently Aaron lost a battle in court with the speedway bomber and lost basic first Amendment rights. For blogging. Retired Judge Vaughey, was unsympathetic to and ignored precedent. He's also incompetent to hear the case, seeing as how he doesn't have a basic understanding of internet terms.

Patterico's audio and commentary of the peace order hearing.

Obviously, SB has new friends fiends to hang out with.

Every day, these people are wreaking havoc on the first amendment rights of multiple bloggers. lovely people.

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