Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soledad O'Brien once again defends Obama

Jason Chaffetz, a GOP congressman from Utah, speaking with Soledad O'Brien, who's sticking up for the Obama regime by attacking a vote that Chaffetz made cutting the funding for embassy security in general.

The truth is that our embassy security in Benghazi, Libya was non-existent. There was no priority to have security in what was arguably the worst part of the world for American personnel. Obama, with his demented view of Islam, was trying to show that our relations with Libya were normal, and that it was perfectly safe there. She's trying to side-track the issue of the cover-up that happened immediately after the attack and murder on American soil in Benghazi.

Obama? You know him. He's the guy with the Muslim ring that says: "There is no God but Allah"

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  1. I wish he'd come back with the best answer which is that he made a budget vote, and the State Dept made the purchasing decision. So when they chose to spend on Chevy Volts for the embassy in France, they...THEY made the decision to contract out the security to a hot spot consulate in an unstable country we recently dropped bombs on...after multiple warnings and breaches of security.
    At the end of the day though, it doesn't come down to what your budget is that ensures the deployment of resources in your it? Would Obama try to claim credit as a fiscal leader if he based the decision not to send rescue forces on 'budgetary limits'?